What Does the Transition of Your Company's Paper Documents into Digital Form Mean?

Hazel Sollano Posted on March 20, 2023

The Process of Scanning and Capturing Documents

Document digitization, which comprises scanning documents as well as profiling and indexing them, is the initial step and the one that is considered to be the most important. You may easily eliminate inefficient paper-based tasks and replace them with digital documents and use them to automate your business procedures by utilizing our document scanning solution.

A robust OCR technology has the capability of locating and capturing the material that is of the utmost importance from paper documents, PDFs, or image files and converting it into data that is highly structured, easily usable, and searchable.

Get Document Access Whenever You Want, Wherever You Are

The ability to access papers from any location is one of the most powerful motivators for the transformation of documents into digital formats. The times when employees could access documents securely and work together on them from the office are long gone. Employees located anywhere in the world can use a standard web browser or a mobile application to remotely access their documents without compromising data security. This capability is now available to employees around the clock and from any location.

Workflow Management for Documents and Automated Work Processes

The successful implementation of a digital transition and the acquisition of a competitive advantage both begin with an organization's workflow.

Our document management software is equipped with workflow automation tools through its 'Make' connection. These features make a variety of document approval processes much easier, more expedient, and less prone to error. This not only improves efficiency but also saves time, which enables team members to focus their efforts on more important projects.

Use Digital Signatures to Put Your Mark on Documents

The principal document processes are governed by signatures that are placed on papers such as forms, communications, contracts, and so on. The emergence of the digital signature can be attributed to the necessity of meeting ever-tightening deadlines, which calls for senior management approvals to be completed in record time. Our DocuSign integration makes it simple to use digital signatures and workflows based on approval. It is one of the easiest methods for a business to move forward with its digital transformation. E-signatures are a quick and easy process for both senders and signers, and they help to automate the manual process of obtaining signatures for contracts, approvals, or any other document that requires a signature. Digital signatures help to automate the manual process of obtaining signatures for contracts, approvals, or any other document that requires a signature.

Use Online Dynamic e-Forms in Order to Collect Information

Paper forms have been the standard method for data collection for many years because of their inherent clarity and ease of use. Nonetheless, it is time-consuming and costly to print, cumbersome to fill out, and, if returned, it may be insufficiently completed and difficult to understand. As a direct consequence, the information is inaccurate, and the operations are slowed down. The DataHyv Digital platform which is customized forms that can be online or offline integrates seamlessly with our document management software. After the necessary information has been entered, the signed forms will be stored in the DMS for archiving and analysis. Once there, it will be safely stored for further use and processing.

How exactly does one go about devising a plan for digital transformation?

If you are prepared to begin the process of digital transformation at your company, you will need a strategy to get there. Let's take a look at the essential components of a productive beginning, despite the fact that the ways in which businesses operate are all different.

Find out how things are done.

First, it is necessary to identify the procedures that could be improved by using digital tools. The persistence of your staff can be a helpful feature in this situation.

Define your Goals.

Already investigated are a variety of benefits that come with making the transition to digital. What do you want to accomplish? If your goals and objectives are not crystal clear, then you should work on clarifying them.

Choose the Most Appropriate Alternatives.

Ensure that you have invested an adequate amount of money in your attempts to change your business into a digital one and that you are utilizing the most effective technologies. Tools that can perform multiple functions are the most efficient use of resources. One such example is our document management software combined with our DataHyv Digital Platform increases productivity among teams.

Exercises with the Team.

In the end, the stakeholders are going to be the ones to decide whether or not your project is successful. Your personnel should be made aware of the advantages of the digital transition, and you should ask for their feedback.

Post-Launch Nurturing.

The successful completion of a digital transition does not occur instantly. Verify that you are aware of the most recent digital principles and recommendations for best practices. Continuous professional development and the implementation of the most recent technology both have a big impact on the culture of your company as well as the number of employees that you are able to keep, making this a situation in which everyone involved benefits.

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