Datahyv's decision support system: Helping you solve the toughest business challenges through data-driven decision making

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Unlocking diverse opportunities that your DEAR Inventory data can bring to your business

With a goal of eliminating the challenges in maximizing the full potential of your DEAR Inventory data within your business, Datahyv's team of data experts built a decision support system that allows everyone at every level of your business to discover actionable insights crucial in making right decisions.
By democritizing the data processes at every level of your business, Datahyv empowers everyone in your team to go further than ever before by enabling them to make the most out of the data that your business possess. Now, everyone in your team no matter what data skillset they have, can make smarter decisions that fuel business growth.
Be able to gain agility in decision-making and solve toughest business challenges , navigate through uncertainty and unlock vast opportunities in maximizing revenue by identifying ways to improve customer satisfaction, manage proper resource allocation, streamline business processes and eliminate inefficiencies in operations.

Improving your business' overall performance and profitability through data-driven decision making

Translating your DEAR Inventory data into valuable insights that allow you draw conclusions on how to optimize every aspects of your business.


Analyze consumer demands and be able to determine the best way to respond to what they want. Drive more sales by delivering products at the right time, place and quantity. Minimize marketing spend by determining which effective marketing campaigns to run, and maximize customer satisfaction by being able to provide service that delights.


Streamline supply chain through insights that help you design supply chain network that meet business goals at the least cost. Determine the right quantity of raw materials to sustain production despite demand volatility, and cut piles of inventory by knowing the products that are not generating sales and produce only those that consumers are actually buying. Be able to boost customer service, maximize sales profit, reduce cost in production and logistics, and improve the efficiency of your business operations.


Improve the overall performance and experience of your employees by introducing a more efficient ways to do their job. Never be bound on sourcing special talents or suffer the cost of high employee turnover but be able to maximize the valuable time , talents, and skills of your team instead.

A system designed to provide exactly what your business needs

The need for

A smarter and more efficient data processing

Making sense of your DEAR inventory data often requires manual data tasks that are difficult, error-prone and time-consuming.
With Datahyv, you can maximize the value your DEAR inventory data can bring while minimizing all the unnecessary cost and eliminating the time being wasted on manual, repetitive manual data tasks.

The need for

A complete, accurate, trusted and single version of data

Accurate decisions can only be derived on accurate insights harnessed from complete, accurate and high quality data. Datahyv ensures that your data analytics is built with a solid data foundation so you don't have to worry about risking your decisions on erroneous and incomplete data.
With Datahyv's seamless and no code data integration, everyone in your team can easily consolidate disparate sources of raw, structured and non-structured data without the usual copying and pasting that often introduces errors in your data analytics.

The need for

Actionable insights at a glance

Summarize your business performance easily through stunning business dashboards that display critical and powerful metrics customized based on your business context and KPIs.
Empower everyone in your team to analyze trends and KPIs on their own, optimize opportunities, and respond to red flags through business dashboards that provide an immediate understanding on the real status of your business any time of the day. Improve business communication, democratize decision-making, and get everyone in your organization on the same page by bringing insights to life through DataHyv's interactive, collaborative and self-prepared data visualization.

The need for

An effective communication of data-driven insights

Being able to extract insights from your DEAR Inventory data is vital, but the inability to communicate those insights to the right people who need it can be detrimental to your business. Rather than simply being able to answer business questions, insights should drive people to take an action that will result on positive business outcomes. Datahyv understands that people have different skills set and knowledge depth, thus, one of the capabilities of our system that we boast is data storytelling. With this, the insights are being communicated through narratives, or language that can be easily understand by specific users enabling them to utilize it in making decisions necessary to get their job done right.

Thrive in this challenging environment and move your business forward with Datahyv.

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